Quality is our passion

At Coffee Brigade, we are passionate about veterans, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t just as passionate about our coffee. Our focus is on quality, and when it comes to coffee, quality results from three things:

1. Expertly sourced beans
2. Superior roasting focused on excellence & unmatched quality
3. High Quality packaging, to preserve freshness

Expert Sourcing


Quality starts with the beans. Our coffee beans are sourced from mountainous regions close the equator in Central and South America, through Southeast Asia and East Africa, where the perfect combination of climate and altitude come together to produce the best coffee beans in the world. Every one of our roasts comes from 100% Arabica coffee beans that are expertly sourced, ensuring that each cup of coffee will be smooth and enjoyable.

Proper Roasting

Properly Roasted Coffee Beans

Great beans don’t roast themselves. Even perfectly sourced coffee beans can be ruined if they aren’t roasted properly by experts. If they are roasted too slow, the coffee will be bland and dull. Roasted too fast? You end up with that bitter burnt taste that coffee lovers hate. Our roasting partner uses their years of experience to roast our coffee beans just right, giving each of our blends the perfect flavor and smoothness.

Superior packaging


Like a fine wine, air is the enemy of coffee beans, damaging flavor and fresheness. Immediately after our coffee beans are roasted (or ground), they are immediately placed in premium packaging. Our packaging is flushed with nitrogen to reduce oxygen exposure, and it contains an oxygen barrier with a one way valve so that oxygen can get out, but can’t get back in. We make sure the coffee that is delivered to your door is fresh and flavorful.