A word from the founders of Coffee Brigade...

Our first cup of coffee together wasn’t a good one.It certainly didn’t come from 100% Arabica beans.It wasn’t in the comfort of a coffee shop.The first cup of coffee we shared, long before we ever thought of starting a coffee brand ourselves, was downright awful.It came from an army green, 5 gallon hot beverage dispenser strapped to the back of a Humvee, and we were standing in the snow in Colorado in 2002.We were soldiers, training for what would become known as Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The coffee might have been bad, but the lifelong friendship that developed wasn’t.Through multiple combat tours, we came to appreciate a good cup of coffee when we could have one.More importantly, we came to appreciate those around us: the members of the military risking their lives everyday to keep our country safe.These people were special, and they deserve a special level of care and admiration from a country that depends on them so much.

We have gone on to great success, and we both feel extremely fortunate.We owe a lot of that success to the character, leadership, and selflessness that was instilled in us in the armed forces.Many of our fellow veterans have not been so fortunate.They haven’t received the recognition or the care that they deserve, and we have always been passionate about changing that.We have also been passionate about drinking great coffee.In 2016, we combined our two passions and founded Coffee Brigade.

Our mission at Coffee Brigade is to capture the spirit and rich history of our military, and to provide our customers with 2 things:

1. An outstanding cup of quality coffee every morning
2. A way to give back to our active duty military and veteran communities

Ordering from Coffee Brigade will get you great tasting, high quality coffee.Just as importantly, you can take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to veteran’s charitable organizations, and creating veteran jobs. >> Learn More About Our Mission.

That is the story of Coffee Brigade. We are veterans that love great coffee, and want to give back.Keep drinking coffee just like you already are, just make it great coffee, and make it mean something.

Mitch Kusmier & Zack Seidman
Founders, Coffee Brigade

Meet Our Founders


Mitch Kusmier

Mitch served on active duty as an Armor Officer in US Army from 2001-2011, which included 3 combat tours in Iraq.Since coming off active duty, Mitch has had successful career in the coffee industry, and is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve.

Zack Seidman

Zack served on active duty in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout from 1999-2005, which included 1 deployment to Bosnia and 2 combat tours in Iraq.Since coming off active duty, Zack has found success in the automotive industry, and is now dedicated to helping veterans by providing great coffee.